Technical Support

Start Here

Please download and install the newest versions of each of these free programs:

If you are using Internet Explorer

Most problems can be solved by upgrading to the latest version of IE, or using a different browser.

  1. Update your browser to the latest version, or download and install Firefox from
  2. Restart your computer and try your download again.

We have not had any issues with IE7, IE8, or Firefox 3 in our testing, so if you are still having problems it probably has to do with your security settings. You will need to seek help from Microsoft (for IE) if this is the case, since it could be any number of things.

Please try the above 3 steps, and if you are still having trouble, let us know the specific error messages you are receiving, along with what operating platform and version you are using (windows __ or OS __ ) and what Internet browser version you are using.

Trouble Logging In

You are limited to 6 IP addresses per day, so if you are locked out of your account it is most likely because you have logged in more than 6 times. Some networks use rotating IP addresses, which would limit you to 6 logins per day.

Our system is setup this way to prevent sharing of accounts.

If you have tried these steps and are still having trouble, please contact technical support.

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